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main page of MIR2050. ________________ The MIR means the peace. The MIR means the world.
We are enthusiasts of the linguistic project of MIR2050.
We live in Russia. We learn the seventy languages by ourselves, without teachers!
There will be a peace in the world, if the peoples will understand the other peoples!

WE HELP YOU TO LEARN RUSSIAN without teachers in 6 months.
Do you want to speak Russian? Do you have Russian friends?
We are here, in Russia! Welcome to visit Russia!

We help you to learn especially the ORAL SPEECH (to speak and to listen).
The oral speech is more difficult to learn than written SPEECH (to write and to read).
Even you don’t know language, you can translate the text with the dictionary and the robot-translator.

Now you can understand the Russian websites, if you insert the website address

in translation window of GOOGLE robot-translator. http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=en
Translate it from Russian to your native language. Use this, when you read our website.
You can write the E-mail to your Russian friends with this GOOGLE robot-translator.

Our project of MIR2050 is not commercial!
We exchange the linguistic information, but not money.

You can download our bilingual-Russian subtitles and their movies, mp3-books,
mp3-dictionaries, mp3-phrasebooks, Russian songs etc.
Use mp3-player and the printer (for texts), when you listen, read and translate.

But it is very important for you
to understand the METHOD to learn the language without teachers!

Our METHOD is simple!
This is a self-teaching method. Not teachers, not money.
You will read aloud and translate our files, which are gratuitous (i.e. free of charge).

You will READ ALOUD in Russian two HOURS for a week
AND YOU WILL TRANSLATE from Russian and to Russian three HOURS for a week.
In future you will communicate with your Russian friends (which are not teachers),
but for the first four months you will do the four important things by yourself, without teachers!


First two weeks you will read aloud the mp3-dictionary MIR1000.
It is the 6 pages with 1000 of most frequently used words, with phonetic transcription.
You will train yourself the Russian pronunciation. You will know the rules of reading.
If you read MIR1000 for 3-5 times, you will remember the translations of MIR1000 words,
when you will meet these Russian words in movies, books and in talking.

Please download the files of mp3-dictionary MIR1000.

Please download the mp3-files of mp3-dictionary MIR1000.
From tomorrow and during next 6 months you will do the FOUR THINGS:

2 hour every MONDAY, you will watch the movies in Russian,
you will read aloud their subtitles and their translations.
You will repeat aloud the mp3-records of these movies.

Please download the English-Russian subtitles of "BEAUTY and BEAST" (Disney) and its mp3-record.

Please download the files from our Russian MOVIE THEATER of MIR2050.

There are some hundreds Russian subtitles in the website http://www.all4divx.com

3). The BOOKS (the fiction, the literature.)
2 hour every WEDNESDAY, you will read aloud and translate the mp3-books in Russian,
There are two methods of your translation (to remember the new words and the grammar).
Method 1. If you will read the Russian text in the computer screen,
you insert the translation after every unknown word in original text.
Ты (you) _вставить (to insert) _перевод (the translation) _после (after) _слово (the word).
It it possible to insert the translation of one word within two seconds
with the rapid dictionary of "LINGVO".

Method 2. If you will print our bilingual parallel books,
you can know the translation in the parallel text.
When you read the book in the second time,
you can cover the translation with the piece of paper and translate it by yourself.
Check up your translations of every phrase,
when you uncover the parallel translations.

Please download the files from our Russian LIBRARY of MIR2050.

Please download the parallel Bilingual-Russian books from LIBRARY of __ http://www.franklang.ru

4). THE MP3-PHRASEBOOKS. (The phrase books)
1 hour every FRIDAY, you will pronounce the conversational phrases and their translations,
Our phrasebooks have the phrases with phonetic transcriptions and their mp3-records.
In future you will automatically speak with the phrases,
which you remembered from our phrasebook.

Please download the files of our Russian-foreign MP3-PHRASEBOOK of MIR2050.

The web-page of 30 phrasebooks: 3. Home, 4. City, 5. Emotions, 8. Business, .., 22. Technics, etc.


These FOUR DOINGS are very important for you, if you want to know Russian.
Do them every week in next 6 months!!!
You will achieve results only after your viewing of the 10 movies,
after your translation of 100 pages
and after your reading aloud for 50 hours.
If your teacher of Russian don’t allow you to do these 4 doings,
you will never achieve results in your study of Russian.
We wish you good luck and success in language!
When shall we speak to you in Russian?



Also these doings will help to you in the study of Russian

1. You can listen, sing and translate the Russian SONGS (with texts). Download them.

2. You can read about the RUSSIAN GRAMMAR. Download the file (it is not ready).

3. You can watch the Russian TV in Internet (the 32 TV station on-line).

4. You can listen the Russian RADIO in Internet (the 47 radio station on-line).

5. You can speak Russian with the microphone in the voice chat (PALTALK). Download the communicator.


Do you want to contact us?

We are here, in Russia! ( It is our group in social network of VKONTAKTE)
Please you help us to check up the files in your native language.
Please you pronounce some files with the microphone.
Dear friend! Your help is very important for us, for our linguistic project of MIR2050.




My name is Vladimir. I am an engineer from Petersburg, Russia.
I am an originator of the linguistic project of MIR2050.
You can write to me in Russian, English, Italian, Portuguese or Chinese.
Good luck to you!
Напишите мне

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